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Ara Pacis

A photo of the altar Ara Pacis in Rome.

The Ara Pacis or Altar of Peace

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Ara Pacis Augustae

The Ara Pacis Augustae or Altar of the Augustan Peace is a shrine build in celebration of the return of Augustus in 13 BCE from his campaigns in Spain and Gaul. The marble structure, which once stood on northeastern corner of the Campus Martius, today is housed in a renewed setting designed by Richard Meier. Originally it was intended as an…

North Frieze of Ara Pacis

This is the North frienze of the Ara Pacis, currently located in Rome. Seen on the left is a barbarian child.

Ara Pacis (Altar of Augustan Peace)

The altar was commissioned by the Roman Senate in 13 BC to commemorate the return of Augustus to Rome, and originally stood in the Campus Martius. The altar was dedicated to Pax, the goddess of Peace, and has multiple allegorical friezes [TA: and even more non allegorical ones]. The message in the erection of the altar is significant because it…

Ara Pacis (Altar of Peace)

This marble altar is dedicated to Pax, the Roman goddess of Peace and was commissioned in 13 BC to honor Emperor Augustus after his return to Rome. The altar is currently located in Museum of Ara Pacis (on Lungotevere in Augustua) but once was located on the Campus Martius. Images on the altar include depictions of Augustus, Agrippa, Julia,…

Ara Pacis

The Ara Pacis, Ara Pacis Augustae, or the "Altar of Augustan Peace" is an altar and monument commissioned by the Senate and People of Rome in 13BCE to honor the emperor Augustus' conquests in Hispania and Gaul. The altar's construction marked an era of implied peace and prosperity, as indicated by its dedication to the Pax, the Roman goddess of…

Ara Pacis

Commissioned late in the first century BCE by the Senate and the People of Rome, the Ara Pacis, or Altar of Peace, served to honor Augustus and Agrippa, as well as to signify the peace which Augustus had brought to Rome. The Ara Pacis was moved from its original site and is now located in the Museum of the Ara Pacis.

South Wall Frieze of the Ara Pacis

South wall frieze of the 'Altar of Augustan Peace,' as the entire monument is known. It was originally located on the northern outskirts of Rome, in the northeastern corner of the Campus Martius; following its reassembly in the early twentieth century, it was located inside its own designated museum.

Ara Pacis (1 side)

Ara Pacis 1.jpg
The Ara Pacis Augustae is an altar that was voted to Augustus when he returned to Rome after a military campaign. It was to thank him for the peace and prosperity that he helped to bring to the Roman Empire. It also celebrates his long time ally and son-in-law, Agrippa, who also had just returned from a long military campaign. It is believed that…