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Coin of Augustus and Deified Julius

Screen Shot 2018-06-10 at 10.41.38 AM.png
Coin from the reign of Augustus. One side has a picture of Augustus with the inscription Augustus Divi. F. On the reverse, it has a picture of the Divine Julius, wearing a laurel wreath and with a comet above the Divine Julius's head. This coin demonstrates the active attempts by Augustus to associate himself with his adopted father, and now god,…

Coin depicting the Arch of Augustus

Arch of Augustus.jpg
This coin, property of the British Museum, depicts on one side the head of Augustus, who was emperor when this coin was minted. The other depicts the triumphal Arch of Augustus. While the Arch of Augustus once stood in the Roman Forum between the Temple of Castor and Temple of Divus Julius, it is no longer present. This coin helps establish how…

Gold coin with portrait and column of Trajan

Trajan Coin.jpg
This gold coin depicts a portrait of the Trajan (emperor: 98-117 AD) in profile on its obverse and the column of Trajan in its original form on the reverse. Built in 113 AD to celebrate Trajan's two victories against the Dacians, the column originally boasted a statue of Trajan (shown on the coin), which was later replaced by a statue of St.…

Silver coin with portraits of Augustus, Caius Caesar, Julia and Lucius Caesar

British Museum Coin.jpg
This artifact is an ancient forgery of a coin minted under C Marius C F Tro, the official moneyer of Emperor Augustus (Octavian). Dating to 13 BC, this coin is from the Roman Imperial period and weighs 2.22 grams.

Although the coin is in poor condition, we can identify the portraits and inscriptions on both sides. The obverse depicts a portrait…

Gold coin of Trajan

This item, which was once thought to portray the outside entrance to forum of Trajan, depicts a monument inside the forum of Trajan.

Coin of Gordian III depicting the Colossus of Sol

This coin from the reign of Gordian III depicts the Colossus of Sol alongside the Meta Sudans and Flavian Amphitheater, or Colosseum. Nero, who ruled from AD 54 to AD 68, had the enormous bronze statue built by Greek sculptor Zenodorus to depict himself as the Sun God, Sol, and placed it at the entrance to his lavish Golden House. After Nero's…