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Column of Marcus Aurelius

A column erected to commemorate emperor Marcus Aurelius.

Column of Marcus Aurelius

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The Column of Marcus Aurelius was erected by his successor and son, Commodus. The column has a spiral relief with depictions of battles between the Romans and Germanic tribes with a statue of Marcus Aurelius on top of it (now replaced by St. Paul). The column is very similar to Trajan's column as it was modeled after it. It does however have some…

The Column of Marcus Aurelius

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Standing in Piazza Colonna in Rome, The Column of Marcus Aurelius was erected by Commodus in memory of his father, Marcus Aurelius, around 180 CE. Inspired by the famous Trajan's Column, The Column of Marcus Aurelius represents his successful military campaigns over the Germanic people, the Quadi.

Column of Marcus Aurelius: Close Up of Marcus Aurelius

A close up image of Marcus Aurelius on the Column of Marcus Aurelius, which was commissioned by Commodus and is located in the Campus Martius.

Column of Marcus Aurelius

This column commemorates Marcus Aurelius' victory in the Germanic wars; the narrative spirals up to the top. The column also depicts scenes in which captives were brought before the emperor. This column was built after the column of Trajan and is likely modeled after it, though in comparison, the column of Marcus Aurelius has deeper reliefs in its…