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Augustus as Imperator (Augustus of Prima Porta)

Augustus as Imperator .jpg
The sculpture depicts the first Roman Emperor Augustus. It is believed it was owned by his wife, the Empress Livia and was housed in her villa in Prima Porta for private use, hence its name. It depicts the emperor’s face as young and idealized. Augustus is shown wearing armor covering his chest but leaving his arms bear. Leather straps cover his…

Saleswoman Fresco

In this fresco, a female saleswoman displays off a small cupid for the inspection of two upper-class women, likely offering it for sale. Although this image may be metaphorical (cupid as a metaphor "love for sale" or perhaps implying "you can't buy love") the depiction of the female saleswoman seems neither unusual nor fantastical to the onlooker.…

Augustus of Prima Porta

augustus prima porta.jpg
This iconic statue of Augustus can be found at the Vatican Museum. It was discovered in the Villa of Livia at Prima Porta, which is near Rome in 1863. The marble statue depicts the Emperor in full military gear as the commander of the army. The armor on his chest displays mythological scenes, including Cupid riding a dolphin [TA: the Cupid is not…