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The Pantheon

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An architectural feat for its time, the Pantheon was unlike any other temple in that it combines the traditional frontal aspects of a temple with a round, domed interior. Rebuilt three times over the years, The Pantheon was initially built by Marcus Agrippa in BC 29-19 on the Campus Martius but was destroyed by a fire in 80 CE. Domitian then…

Temple of Venus and Roma

Located on the edge of the Roman Forum, this temple was the largest in ancient Rome, having been designed by the emperor Hadrian, but was not completely finished until the reign of Antoninus Pius. A fire in 307 A.D damaged the temple, so Maxentius repaired it. The colossus of Nero had to be moved in order to make space for this massive temple.…


The Pantheon was originally commissioned during a building campaign on the Campus Martius, in order to function as a temple to all of the Roman gods. It was later rebuilt by Hadrian after being destroyed by a series of fires. The Latin inscription on the entablature of the structure pays homage to Agrippa, who was instrumental in the construction…

Temple of the Divine Hadrian

Temple of Hadrian
Temple to the Deified Hadrian on the Campus Martius in Rome. Only one wall survives, mainly because it was converted into a papal palace and eventually into a Borsa bank. It was built by Hadrian's successor, Antoninus Pius in order to deify him. It is located in the Piazza di Pietra on the Campus Martius.


The Pantheon that stands today was completed in 125 AD by the emperor Hadrian, though this building was actually the third Pantheon built. The inscription on the front reads, "Marcus Agrippa, thrice consul, made this," Marcus Agrippa being the original architect of the first Pantheon in 27-25 BC. The dome of the Pantheon is its greatest technical…


Thought to be a temple to all the gods, the Pantheon in its current structure was built in the Campus Martius by Emperor Hadrian in the early second century A.D. It was constructed on the site of a similar structure built by Agrippa during the rule of Augustus, hence the inscription mentioning Agrippa. The architecture showcases the Romans mastery…


The Pantheon that stands today in the Campus Martius was commissioned by the Emperor Hadrian in the 2nd century AD to replace the previous two Pantheon temples that were both destroyed by fire. The original Pantheon, meaning 'the building for all the gods', was built by the great builder Agrippa during the age of Augustus as a part of the imperial…

Temple of Hadrian

The Temple of Hadrian is in the Campus Marius in Rome, near the Pantheon. The temple was built [JWO: dedicated] in 145 AD by Emperor Hadrian’s successor, Antoninus Pius, despite the objections of a Senate that was not happy with Hadrian because of his disregard for their wishes. Despite this Hadrian was deified and the temple was built, which is…

Bust of Emperor Hadrian

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The Pantheon

Originally constructed in the Age of Augustus, Agrippa, the great ancient builder and war strategist, constructed the mausoleum, known as the Pantheon, as a temple dedicated to the many Gods of the polytheistic Roman culture [JWO: no evidence that this was a mausoleum in antiquity]. The original structure burnt down in the year 80 AD, was rebuilt…