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Equestrian Statue of Marcus Aurelius

This imposing statue of the emperor Marcus Aurelius on horseback is more than life-sized. It is unique in that it depicts the emperor without weapons or armor [I'm not quite sure about the latter]; rather, he is portrayed as the harbinger of peace. It is located in the Capitoline Museums.

Equestrian Statue of Marcus Aurelius

This bronze statue depicts Marcus Aurelius riding on a horse and is on display in the Capitoline Museum. The Emperor is shown raising his hand, which many have reasoned is a sign of clemency. Furthermore, the horse and attire displays Marcus Aurelius' military prowess. There is also a replica of the statue outside of the museum.

Lion Attacking a Horse

Lion attacking Horse.JPG
This antique sculpture can be found on display in the Capitoline Museums. This ancient sculpture was said to be originally made in northern Greece or Asia Minor and then brought to Rome as booty after a Roman victory. At one point, the torso of the horse was the only remaining piece of the stallion and consequently in 1594 Ruggero Bascapé, a…