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House of Octavius Quartio

House of Octavius Quartio.jpg
The Casa di Ottavio Quartio or House of Octavius Quartio, is a villa located on the Via Dell'Abbondanza, one of the most prosperous streets in Pompeii. It is right near the amphitheater and is considered residential / villa, unlike many insula in the city. This house features lush gardens in the back and an open atrium at its entrance. The villa…

Waterwork in the Palace of Domitian

This is an example of a waterwork in the Palace of Domitian. The palace had numerous lavish waterworks to emphasize the power of the emperor. Since there was no running water at this time, the manipulation of water to the top of Palatine Hill showed Domitian's power. When visitors enter new rooms in the palace, there would often be a fountain that…