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Domitian's Palace

This is a courtyard in the Palace of Domitian. The palace is located on Palatine Hill. The palace was luxurious, consisting of immense waterworks and expensive decorations such as marble. It reflected the emperor's power and prestige. The palace was divided into public and private areas. The private, residential areas were the most lavish in the…

Waterwork in the Palace of Domitian

This is an example of a waterwork in the Palace of Domitian. The palace had numerous lavish waterworks to emphasize the power of the emperor. Since there was no running water at this time, the manipulation of water to the top of Palatine Hill showed Domitian's power. When visitors enter new rooms in the palace, there would often be a fountain that…

Apse in the Palace of Domitian

This is an apse in the Palace of Domitian. Rooms such as the Basilica, the Aula Regia, and the dining room had apses for the emperor. He would listen to citizens, hear court cases, or watch dinner parties from them. The apses were often elevated above the people, so Domitian used them to project an image of his power to the people.