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Baths of Trajan

Baths of Trajan.jpg
Ruins of the baths of Trajan, a massive public bath complex built on top of the Domus Aurea after Nero's palace was filled with rubble. This photograph is of the southwestern exedra.

Ostia Bathhouse

Ostia Bathhouse.jpg
The Ostia Bathhouses were located in the center of the ancient city. The floors of the bathhouse featured mosaics of the god of the sea, Neptune. This bathhouse is also considered one of the more simpler bathhouses, compared to those that were ornately built and meant to be a gift to the people of the town from the ruling emperor. This bathhouse…

Circus Maximus

Placed between the Aventine and Palatine Hills, the Circus Maximus was thought to be established in 6th century BC by the early Roman Kings. However, Emperor Julius Caesar majorly influenced the design by extending the track and adding more seating. The Circus Maximus could seat up to 150,000 to 250,000 spectators. These spectators came here to…