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House of Octavius Quartio

House of Octavius Quartio.jpg
The Casa di Ottavio Quartio or House of Octavius Quartio, is a villa located on the Via Dell'Abbondanza, one of the most prosperous streets in Pompeii. It is right near the amphitheater and is considered residential / villa, unlike many insula in the city. This house features lush gardens in the back and an open atrium at its entrance. The villa…

Insula of Diana and Surrounding Town

IMG_0613-20131003 (1).jpg
The Insula of Diana is so named for a terra-cotta plaque in the building's courtyard. Only two of the floors survive, but a typical Roman insula contained 4-5 floors. The lower apartments were more desirable than the upper rooms that required a treacherous climb. Nearby the insula there is evidence of daily life of the inhabitants including the…

Markets of Trajan (Taberna/Insula)

The Markets of Trajan are a feat of engineering built at the same time as Trajan's forum. The builders needed to terrace the hill, and the roof is constructed with concrete vaults. The name is a modern designation. In fact, the complex served various functions, not just residential. The complex was used as a fortress in the 12th century. It now…

Insula of Diana, Ostia- Reconstruction

Only two stories of this insula survive today but this reconstruction provides an idea of what it might have looked like around 150 AD. It features shops on the bottom floor and balconies that firefighters may have used to extinguish flames. This drawing allows us to imagine the typical 5-story insula in the Roman world.

Piazza di Santa Maria in Trastevere

Rome features many public squares or piazzas. This image shows the Piazza di Santa Maria in Trastevere. It is named for its 3rd century AD basilica, which was renovated in the 12th century. The image shows some modern apartment buildings which are useful for understanding insula living during ancient times.