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Gaul Killing Himself and His Wife

A statue of a man holding a dying woman while plunging a blade into his chest. Can be found at the Museo Nazionale de Roma.

Gaul Killing Himself and His Wife

A statue of a man holding a dying woman while plunging a blade into his chest. Can be found at the Museo Nazionale de Roma.

The Portonaccio Sarcophagus

Portonaccio Sarcophagus Front Image.jpg
An elaborately decorated sarcophagus built sometime between 190 and 200 AD. It was designed for a general who served under Marcus Aurelias and depicts battle scenes from past campaigns against barbarians. With its high reliefs, intricate military details, and unfinished faces, the Portonaccio sarcophagus is quite distinctive despite being linked to…

Boxer at Rest

Boxer at Rest.JPG
This Hellenistic bronze statue is one of the few remaining statues of this medium from antiquity. It depicts a boxer seated after a fight, his eyes and ears bloodied and arms still tense. Unlike Classical statues that show athletes engaged in their tasks, this statue shows the athlete with his task completed, which is a more Hellenistic approach.…

Statue of a Bearded Hercules

Statue of a Bearded Hercules.jpg
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Statue of Jupiter

Sculpture of Jupiter .jpg
Currently located in the State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia, this statue depicts the King of the Roman gods, Jupiter. He can be seen with his sacred animal, the eagle, while holding his scepter in his left hand and Victory on a globe in his right hand.

Diana of Versailles

Diana of Versailles.jpg
Diana of Versailles is a Roman copy of the lost Greek bronze statue of the goddess Artemis that is commonly attributed to the Greek sculptor Leochares at around 325 BC. The statue is currently located in the Musée du Louvre, Paris.

Via Labicana Statue of Augustus

A statue made of the first emperor or Princeps of Rome, Augustus. Depicts a shift away from the more realistic style of portraiture of the Republic Era. Commissioned to depict Augustus' role as both political leader and Pontifex Maximus. Located at the National Museum of Rome at Palazzo Massimo Altemps. [TA: at Palazzo Massimo, not Altemps; also,…

Claudius as Jupiter

Claudius as Jupiter.jpg
The statue of Claudius as Jupiter is located in the Vatican museum. It depicts the Emperor Claudius (ruled from 41-54 AD) as the king of the gods, Jupiter. An eagle, Jupiter's sacred animal, can be seen by Claudius' side while he holds the scepter that symbolizes Jupiter's power. However, instead of a lighting bolt, Claudius holds a libation dish…

Boxer at Rest

The Boxer at Rest, currently located in the Museo Nazionale Romano, is a cast bronze sculpture which dates to the 330s BC. It is a Hellenistic sculpture that was likely appropriated by Roman connoisseurs, a common practice in pre-Augustan rome. The Romans had a complicated relationship with Greek culture, both emulating and condemning it, some…