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Insula of Diana and Surrounding Town

IMG_0613-20131003 (1).jpg
The Insula of Diana is so named for a terra-cotta plaque in the building's courtyard. Only two of the floors survive, but a typical Roman insula contained 4-5 floors. The lower apartments were more desirable than the upper rooms that required a treacherous climb. Nearby the insula there is evidence of daily life of the inhabitants including the…

Staircase in a domus

This is a photo of a staircase inside a domus in Pompeii that led to an upper-level room in the house. Upper-level rooms were often used as rental flats for clients, shopkeepers, or people of lower social status who could not afford a domus. Some second-story rooms were accessed from outside the domus, where as others were accessed from inside.…