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Eumachia Statue

This statue of Eumachia, an upper-class Pompeiian woman who likely was heavily involved in the business dealings of her own prosperous family, was dedicated to honor the woman by the guild of Pompeiian fullers. She appears in traditional religious garb, her head veiled as if about to make a sacrifice. This statue is now part of the collection at…

Funerary Relief and Inscription for Regina

Regina Tomb.jpg
This funerary inscription and accompanying relief were designed to commemorate a woman named Regina, the wife and freedwoman of a many named Barates from Palmyra. The image incorporates the visual symbols of traditional Roman femininity, including a distaff, spindle, and a wool basket. This item is currently a part of the British Museum's…

Septimia Stratonice Funerary Inscription and Relief

This image shows a funerary inscription and relief carving from an Ostian tomb originally dedicated to the son of one Marcus Acilius. In exchange for some kind of service to Marcus Acilius, a female shoemaker, Septimia Stratonice, received a share in the tomb and monument. As in other depictions of female craftswomen, Septimia wears the more…

Temple of Antoninus and Faustina

After the death of Faustina the Elder, wife of emperor Antoninus Pius, in 141, the Senate voted to recognize her as a goddess. She was decreed a temple at the edge of the Roman Forum, near the Temple of the Divine Julius. After Antoninus died, in 161, the Senate deified him and his cult was joined with that of Faustina, so that the two would…

Base of Antonine Column

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Tomb of Caecilia Metella

Caecilia Metella's tomb on the Appian Way, a landmark through the ages, confirms by its location and immense size the high status of the woman it honors. Its concrete core is faced with beautifully carved travertine and marble. The crenellations were added in the Middle Ages, when the tomb functioned as a watchtower. Originally, the top was…