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Dying Gaul

Dying gaul.jpg
A sculpture of a Gaul, identifiable by his torque around the neck, possibly his sword and horn, as well as his mustache. He is otherwise naked and more leaning than sitting down, looking towards the ground or perhaps as it his weapon. He is dying and has a sword wound on the right side of his chest. Now in the Capitoline Museum in Rome.


Portonaccio Sarcophagus

Unfinished sarcophagus showing Romans fighting barbarians, now in Palazzo Massimo Museum in Rome.

Column of Trajan

Trajan Column.JPG
About 29.77 meters tall, it is a column with burial chamber built at base with Emperor Trajan's remains, although this was not his intent and was done by order of Emperor Hadrian and the Senate, who claimed the greatness of Trajan allowed his remains even within the sacred Pomerium line. The column shows events from Trajan's two military campaigns…

Ara Pacis

Ara Pacis.jpg
Altar of Peace made to celebrate Emperor Augustus after his campaigns in Gaul and Hispania as well as his right-hand man, Agrippa's, campaigns. It depicts mythological scenes with the imperial family, who for the first time, were so included on a public monument. It was on the Via Flaminia but now is moved a bit in the Museum of the Ara Pacis.

Dying Gaul and his Wife

Dying Gaul and his Wife.jpg
Marble statue of a barbarian Gaul and his wife. The man holds us the limp woman and holds a sword to his throat. Now in the Palazzo Altemps in Rome.

Ludovisi Sarcophagus

Ludovisi Sarcophagus.jpg
A finished sarcophagus, possibly imperial due to its size, and showing Romans fighting barbarians with the entombed depicted in the centre, who was an unknown Roman general. Such a sarcophagus was likely a standard format with general Roman soldiers and general barbarians of no particular identity, save for the central figure. Now in the Palazzo…