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The Gaul Killing Himself and His Wife

This marble statue from the 2nd century AD remains one of the most fascinating sculptures of a Barbarian in Roman art. A part of the Ludovisi collection in the Palazzo Altemps, the creator is unknown, but is likely to be a Roman copy of a Greek sculpture from an earlier time period [not likely, according to Marvin!]. This statue demonstrates a…

Baths of Neptune at Ostia

OstiaMosaicsbathsofneptune .jpg
The baths of Neptune have a twofold importance, as a display of Roman daily across the empire and the mosaic floor giving a glimpse into what was integral to Roman identity. The baths themselves show how integrated bathing practices were into Roman's life regardless of location in the empire, and the mosaic depicting the god of the sea and many…

Via Labicana Statue of Augustus

A statue made of the first emperor or Princeps of Rome, Augustus. Depicts a shift away from the more realistic style of portraiture of the Republic Era. Commissioned to depict Augustus' role as both political leader and Pontifex Maximus. Located at the National Museum of Rome at Palazzo Massimo Altemps. [TA: at Palazzo Massimo, not Altemps; also,…