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Dying Gaul

The contorted face of the "Dying Gaul" depicts pain and suffering. The slouch in his posture shows defeat, which is amplified by the fatal wound in his side and the dull sword on the ground next to him. The torque necklace, unruly hair, and mustache signify his barbarian status. The "Dying Gaul" is thought to be a copy of a statue from the Greek…

The Dying Gaul

The Dying Gaul is a marble sculpture currently located in the Capitoline Museum. The sculpture depicts a nude man who has a sword wound in his chest and is sitting with his sword, belt and trumpet near him. The man is thought to be a defeated Gallic warrior who sees suicide as a better option than being captured [JWO: how do you know it is…

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Gaul and His Wife

A depiction of a Gaulish man and wife taking their own lives after suffering defeat at the hands of Romans; the man uses a sword and plunges it into his own chest; currently located in the Palazzo Altemps.